Soda Blasting 


A safe, non abrasive method of removing paint,grease, surface rust from all types of surfaces.  It is non toxic and will not damage glass, rubber or chrome.  It is a 100% soluble product.

Due to the high PH in soda, This can damage grass and some flowering plants.

Soda Blast Pros offers alternative soft media which is also a biodegradable product and does not damage plants nor grass.  We will use the right media for your project.

Abrasive Blasting

There are many options here.  Mostly we use crushed glass for abrasive blasting.  Similar to sand, crushed glass has the advantage of having no free silica nor heavy metals.  It will not damage plant life or grass.  It leaves a white metal finish on steel and can be used on certain cars and trucks to attain a profiled finish.

Wet Blasting

We also offer wet blasting where dust is a problem.  This is an outdoor process only and  reduces the dust by 90%.

Mold Removal

We now offer mold removal services.

We are fully insured and certified in Mold






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